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What you should know about Argan oil purity

Ecocert label does not guarantee the purity of the product, only certifies that the components of an organic and natural cosmetics are a good percentage, you can read it here. Argan oil is an expensive commodity in nature and development, and is therefore rightly called liquid gold of Morocco, low price offerings are suspicious as to its purity. The 90% of argan oil deals claiming to have the ECOCERT certification of natural and organic cosmetics but generally thorny argan is mixed with other oils and essences that make you lose much of their effectiveness is not getting the desired effects. Massahara ©, which is certified Ecocert, is one of the four or five European argan oils are extra virgin first pressing pure and 100% natural virtues that ensure extraordinary product. Be wary of offers of argan oil at low prices because they lose money in addition to effectiveness. You can read that argan oil is the most expensive in the world Massahara is 100% Pure truth, certificate, refined and odorless

Argan oil is the world's most expensive but also the most appreciated as an important source of nutrients for health and beauty, has a unique protective power, nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating the skin. It is a complete anti-aging and regenerative cell surprising. Allows successfully fight the effects of time and the loosening of the skin. It is also recommended for hair treatment, cellulitis, nails, acne and scar thanks to its essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9, and vitamin E. It is important as a food supplement and in cases of rheumatism and joint pain. Argan oil Massahara © is obtained by mechanical pressure with slow rotation. This process allows for a higher quality oil 100% pure and natural preserves all cosmetic and nutritional properties of this oil well called the liquid gold of Morocco. Argan oil Massahara © is subject to some quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process and marketing. We conducted a systematic quality control and purity before exporting and bottling.

MasSahara fulfills an important social function.

For ten years worked with the same cooperative comprising 80 Moroccan women manage to extract this oil so we can all enjoy it. Thanks to keep this economic and social link can guarantee the authenticity of the product because these hard-working women committed to the brand not mixed with other oils Argan oil to cut costs.

How to use Argan oil Massahara ©

Beauty tips and application of Argan oil cosmetics Massahara ©:
The face - to nourish and regenerate a sense of wellbeing. Gently apply a few drops of oil mixed with Massahara © and a few drops of water on the face and neck perfectly clean once (morning and evening). Particular emphasis should be placed on the eye area and wrinkles. We recommend that you use regularly if you want to get a better result and to prevent and mitigate the effects of pollution, stress, snuff, acne or seasonal changes.
The body - To hydrate and tone the skin heat oil pit Massahara © the hands and add a few drops of water and starts the massage with circular gestures. Beyond the sense of wellbeing that seeks also moisturizes and tones the skin *. Operation should be repeated 2 to 3 times a week after a bath or shower, and we must insist on the driest areas. Argan oil is a moisturizer MASSAHARA © * powerful body, and is considered an amazing stretch mark product.
Body Massage - Bridging the sensual pleasure of the massage with the benefits of Vitamin E Argan oil Massahara © is revitalizing and five times richer in vitamin E than olive oil. Once the skin is cleaned properly, has to be applied gently to facilitate the penetration of the oil. Heat the oil in the hole of the hand to facilitate sliding movement, add a few drops of water and apply to our on throughout the body. For perfume slightly, add a few drops of essential oil that you like.
Nail Care - To strengthen and nourish your nails once a week, mixing Massahara © Argan oil with fresh lemon juice in a pan and evenly. If you want to follow a treatment nail strengthener, warm water bath preparation and let fingernails clean and unvarnished soak about 20 minutes. Wash your hands with mild soap. If you have very dry nails or broken you can repeat the operation every day.
Haircare - Fortifying to rediscover the outbreak and brightness Deal Argan oil Massahara © for all hair from root to tip. Gently massage the scalp and comb will gently so that the oil is well distributed throughout the hair. Wrap the hair with a hot towel and let stand about 20 minutes. If no time can reduce the duration of heating the entire mass resting with a capillary through the dryer towel. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and dry well-os. In the water, you can add lemon juice. Finally, wet your fingers with a few drops of argan oil Massahara © and make a massage at the tips. Get a hair more silky, luminous and voluminous. For very dry hair, please apply directly to you few drops of oil and leave for a few hours.
Other tips: Applying Massahara © Argan oil on scars, acne, sunburn favors a good and fast healing. Can also be used for dry lips or cut and some dermatoses due to the amount of Omega 6 carrying. * Moisturizes and softens hands and face battered by the cold, wind and salt (sea and mountain).


Argan oil is not a medicinal product, for any significant injury, see a doctor.

TABLE essential fatty acids - Saturated (15-21%) C15: 0 pentadecanoic (12.61%) C18: 0 stearic (5.64%) C20: 0 araquídic (0.4%) - Monounsaturated Omega-9 ( 44-55%) C16: 1 Palmitoleic (0.05%) C18: 1 oleic acid (45-55%) - Polyunsaturated (28-36%) omega-6 C18: 2 linoleic (32.97%) C18 omega-3 : 3 alpha-linolenic (0.2%) - Other components: Sterols: 147 mg/100 g Tocopherols: 60-62 mg/100 g (69% tocopherol) Vitamin E: betatocoferol 16%, 13% and 2% gamma-tocopherol deltatocoferol. Rich fraction, unsaponifiable and masks